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An authentic road-trip with stops in the essential regions of Namibia.

Browse desert trails, watch the stars at the foot of a red sand dune, observe rhinos living freely or hike in the heart of a limitless canyon: Namibia is full of surprises. In the program ; the most beautiful lunar stages in Namibia with:
  • Windhoek, the vibrant capital,
  • The Waterberg Plateau and its panoramic hikes,
  • Etosha, Namibia National Park and its Big 5,
  • Damaraland and nights under the stars,
  • Walvis Bay its whales, sea lions and dolphins,
  • The red dunes of Sossusvlei and Sesriem,
  • The impressive Fish River Canyon,
  • The Kalahari Desert, and its starry nights.

19 days / 18 nights

Windhoek International Airport
Windhoek International Airport

--- 1 ---



Day 1 to Day 2

Night in lodge with dinner.

On the way ! The capital of Namibia will be the starting point of your 4 × 4 adventure through the wonders of the country. This first evening is only a glimpse of the immensity of Namibia and its lunar deserts. Enjoy the magnificent view from your lodge over the surrounding valley. We have dinner in the restaurant for you. Do not hesitate to go there early to enjoy your first sunset on the terrace. In the evening, a well-deserved rest before leaving at dawn the next day for your second stop.

Your lodge facing the hills

Facing vast expanses, this lodge has a large terrace open to the mountains.

WE love: the outdoor pool with stunning views.

--- 2 ---



Day 2 to Day 3

Night in a lodge with breakfast.

Today you go to the Waterberg National Park famous for its plateau which rises above the vast plains of the Kalahari. The view from the top is breathtaking overlooking an endless canopy of trees; the breath of fresh air you need. The hikes are not too difficult to reach it. The Waterberg region is also recognized for its rhino conservation efforts. In the ultra-protected reserves of the plateau, you can go on a game drive to admire the greatness of this endangered species.

Your lodge in the Waterberg

Stay at the foot of the huge Waterberg plateau and take advantage of the outdoor swimming pool to cool off.

WE love : Its breathtaking view of the plateau.

--- 3 ---



Day 3 to Day 5

Nights in a German fort with breakfast.

Let's go for the safari stage of the stay with two nights in a private reserve east of Etosha Park followed by a third night in a bivouac in the south of the park. 2 safaris with ranger are included in this stage to discover the Big 5 and especially the cheetah, feline super-star of this region of Namibia. They especially like the great expanses of Etosha to chase after their prey. Don't forget your binoculars!

Your lodge in the heart of the park

This accommodation is close to a water point for observing animals, it is the ideal location.

WE love: an old German fort built in 1897 for a "castle life" in Etosha!

--- 4 ---



Day 6 to Day 7

Nights in lodge with dinner.

Damaraland is known for its awe-inspiring landscapes, desert elephants and cave paintings. Located between the Kalahari Desert and the Namib Desert, your lodge nestled on the mountainside, hidden in the landscape between the boulders, will leave you speechless. Take advantage of this stopover to organize a guided walk or 4 × 4 on the trail of the rare elephants of the desert. Recharge the batteries before the rest of your great adventure.

Your nest in the heart of Damaraland

Spend the night in the Twyfelfontein lodge with nothing but nature around… If you are lucky you will see the desert elephants which have become so rare.

WE love : Sunrises: magical!

--- 5 ---

Walvis Bay


Day 8 to Day 9

Night in Boutique Hotel with breakfast.

Direction the Atlantic coast with Walvis Bay and the famous dunes of Sandwich Harbor. Meet the sea lions on a catamaran and discover the dunes in a 4 × 4. A beautiful 3-night stopover that will allow you to take advantage of all the sporting activities in the region and to rest in your superb lodge facing the ocean before taking the road further south. If you are lucky you can even see dolphins and maybe whales while sailing. A beautiful stage full of discoveries!

Room with sea view

This charming accommodation will delight you with its incredible terrace by the sea.

WE love : Its proximity to the viewpoint of Pelican Bay.

--- 6 ---



Day 10 to Day 11

One night in the heart of the desert with breakfast.

This beautiful day in Sossusvlei Park allows you to experience a sunrise over the dunes. Do not hesitate to go and get lost in the paths of the Sesriem canyon, carved by the Tsauchab river. Go with the family to the ascent of the famous Big Daddy dune, immortalize in photos the salars of Sossuvlei and Hidden Vlei before leaving to admire the sunset on the Elim dune. In the evening, have a good barbecue and enjoy the silence of the desert. Namibia's absolute must-see is the Sossusvlei Dunes.

Your night in the heart of the dunes

An exceptional lodge with a swimming pool in a lunar setting and a restaurant with a view of the desert.

WE love : the feeling of living an unprecedented experience.

--- 7 ---



Day 12 to Day 13

Night on the ranch with breakfast.

Small town with the air of the end of the world, take a break by the ocean to take a catamaran trip, taste oysters on the seafront and discover the famous ghost town of Kolmanskop. The latter is home to majestic stone houses invaded by the sand of the Namib Desert as well as a diamond mining operation.

Your night in a horse ranch

Suites facing the desert to admire the warm colors of the sunset and the horses in the distance! Simple ranch life in the midst of nature.

WE love : Airs of America from another time

--- 8 ---

Fish River Canyon


Day 15 to Day 16

Night in a Ranch in the desert.

Your lodge overlooking the canyon offers many activities to discover the surroundings: from mountain biking to hiking, including a 4x4 excursion at sunset, you are spoiled for choice to explore the canyon's trails. The Fish River Canyon is the largest on the African continent and the continent's hidden treasure as it is still not very popular with tourists, despite its "wow" landscapes! A favorite at SATravellers.

A lodge facing the Canyon

A wooden deck and a swimming pool offering the most beautiful views of this Wonder of Nature. Make way for meditation and the most beautiful sunset of your life.

WE love: be in the front row of Fish River Canyon

--- 9 ---



Day 17 to Day 18

Night in a Ranch in the desert.

To end this magnificent trip, meet today in the heart of the red dunes of the Kalahari desert. The nature reserve in which your accommodation is located is also crossed by the Grand Karoo, a desert with huge grassy steppes and dry rivers. The time for last goodbyes before your meeting at Windhoek airport to return your rental vehicle and take your return flight! The heart enriched with several thousand memories.

Ranch, horses and wide open spaces

The lodge offers you a view of the dunes and the red desert of the Kalahari and the most beautiful sunset. A horseback ride is included in your stay.

WE love : Our last moments in the desert. />

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